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         Teenager Travel Tips

Check this page for teenage English travel experiences!
London, England 2018
March 1st - March 4th

Even if the weather was freezing, we had a great time exploring London in the snow.

London, England 2017

March 2nd - March 5th

We had a wonderful trip in London this year with our Scuola Superiore explorers! We were very lucky to receive excellent weather with brilliant views of the city! 

London, England 2016

January 25th-28th

We had an excellent time exploring London last week! Check out some of the photos taken by our scuola superiore members as they travelled through the city for four days. We thank them for being a great group and can't wait to go back next year!

London/Oxford, England 2014

March 13, 2014

The trip to London with our members from the scuole superiori has been booked! We leave from Pisa airport at 6.45 am on Friday 13th March and return on Monday 16th March at 23.50. Soooooooo excited!

London, England 2013

April 2014

La gita a Londra quest’anno è stata memorabile come sempre, particolarmente per la Kathryn che ha fatto tutto con una spalla rotta! Ma ci siamo divertiti moltissimo lo stesso  e neanche lo sciopero della metropolitana, gli autobus fuori servizio e una camminata di 3 ore per attraversare la città per arrivare alla stazione di partenza hanno potuto sconfiggerci. grazie ai ragazzi che sono stati meravigliosi!!

Oxford/London England 2012


We had an amazing time in London  last week with our teenage members: London really is a fantastic city, so much to do and see. We also took them to see Oxford, what a great day! Looking forward to the next visit in March.

London, England 2011


Read some of our top travel suggestions from our recent trip to London. We have an amazing time and the weather was great for photos and walking around to explore these historic sites!

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