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On Friday 11th November we'll be thinking about art - since the worth of a work of art has been in the news lately!

Open to any member of English Link, but we still try to keep numbers limited so if you fancy joining us call Kathryn 3471786526 to sign up


What are we doing now that summer's over?

we are enjoying wearing our socks! We are eating soup instead of salad, and we are starting up some new courses. If you would like to join a class please call 
Kathryn 3471786526 or Carolyn 3471786528

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We regularly arrange social evenings, which is  a great way for our members to get closer to English culture, coming together for a night of fun and games using as much English language as you can. Each evening is organised for a small group, since we are very careful to be Covid-safety conscious and respect members´concerns.

All Our Members are encouraged to participate with ideas and themes for the events, as well as joining in those proposed by our staff. The objective is simple: Have fun using your English, at any level! Other activities include walks, trips, dinners and brunches. Let us know what you want by texting, emailing, or speaking up at any event, or at the General Members' Meetings. It's your call!

One of the great things about La Spezia is the choice of venues for concerts around here in the summer. Every year we are lucky enough to see some exceptional international artists. Here are a few testimonials from concerts our members have been to 

Nick Cave.jpg

Hikes and strolls

we live in a beautiful world, seeing it on foot is a great way to walk and talk

Local English Festivals 


Whenever there is a local English festival going on near La Spezia, we like to invite members to go together and experience these great events celebrating English culture. 


To find more information and updates about local English festivals, shops, and events check this page! 

Please let us know of any events we can publicise or attend with a group!




Fish and Chips in Barga, always a pleasure!

Leaf Peeping /Foliage/ Autumn Colours - call it what you want!

We met up on Saturday 29th October. We started from La Foce, walked through the woods and saw a Roman bridge, then climbed about a million steps passing through Caste before getting to Carpena. A glorious day of Autumn sunshine and nice to be outside with friends! 

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What have we been doing 2021-22?

We have enjoyed meeting again in person, albeit in smaller groups. 

we have enjoyed some evenings discussing films over pizza

we have met up outside to do some lovely walks around our city. 

Art - who owns it?

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