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What are we planning?

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Social evenings are a great way for our members to get closer to English culture, coming together for a night of fun and games using as much English language as you can. Each evening is scripted on a specific theme, and our organisers can be very creative!

All Our Members are encouraged to participate with ideas and themes for the events, as well as joining in those proposed by our staff. The objective is simple: Have fun using your English, at any level! Other activities include walks, trips, dinners and brunches. Let us know what you want by texting, emailing, or speaking up at any event, or at the General Members' Meetings. It's your call!

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One of the great things about La Spezia is the choice of venues for concerts around here in the summer. Every year we are lucky enough to see some exceptional international artists. This year we decided to treat ourselves to a date with the charismatic Nick Cave. Elda Belsito wrote this insightful and vivid review of the evening

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Local English Festivals 


Whenever there is a local English festival going on near La Spezia, we like to invite members to go together and experience these great events celebrating English culture. 


To find more information and updates about local English festivals, shops, and events check this page! 


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Fish and Chips in Barga, always a pleasure!

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2nd March

Pancake Day

Add Event Details hereAt Richmond's British Food Shop in Viareggio they're making pancakes from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

24-26 August

Festa Scozzese

A Stadomelli, Venerdi e Sabato dalle 18.30 per Fish and Chips e balli tradizionali scozzesi, 
Domenica dalle 17.30 per Tea and Scones

30 July 2018


​18.00-20.00 interactive lesson

21.00-22.00 workshops

all levels, enrol before 28 July at

or contact Virgina Podestà at

25 July

The IDIOM day, via Carriona 41, Carrara

18.00-20.00 interactive lesson

21.00-22.00 workshops

all levels, enrol before 23 July at

or contact Virgina Podestà at

03 August 21.00

Frankenstein on the Beach by Gianni Lodi

A show dedicated to Mary Shelly at the spectacular Lerici Castle. One of the actors is English and will perform in English! tickets €5.00 info and bookings 3703433951

from 27/07/2018-16/08/2018

Fish and Chips in Barga

This is the 37th edition of this festival which celebrates the emigrés of Barga who went to live in Scotland, and took to cooking one of Britain's best loved dishes for the local workers there. 

27/05/2018 and 31/05/2018

There's no Place like La Pia

End of term pizza for scuole superiori members

17/05/18 and 22/05/18

Stage Fright NIght

Amateur dramatics in English! Why not?


Las Vegas Night

Lots of Fun and Games in this Vegas Themed Pub Quiz

22/01/2018 intermediate plus levels 25/01/2018 pre-intermediate levels

Escape Room

Use your combined wits to save your team from extinction!


Xmas Dinner Buffet

Traditional Christmas Dinner (Sandwiches! but with all the trimmings!)

30/10/2017 and 02/11/2017

It's a Knockout

Team work and no shame required!

10 November 2017 20:30-22:30

Autumn Dinner

11 October 20:30-22:30

USA Today

Lots of things happening over there!

26 June 2016

Excursion to Campo Cecina

18 December

Christmas Aperitif

Christmas Aperitif from 18:30-20:00. Let's enjoy a drink and cheers to Christmas!

24 November 20:30

Thankgiving Feast

Celebrate Thanksgiving with English Link! 

23 October 20:00-22:30

Autumn Festival

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