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Recent Events

 July 2022 : Piero Colombani at Sarzana

July 2022: Film club debate

June 2022: Comedy night forum

June 2022: Flim club debate

June 2022: Dinner 

May 2022: Monet at Genoa

April 2022: Trail walking at Tramonti

April 2022: dinner at Cantina Boriassi

March 2022: Film club debate

February 2022: What Lies Beneath, photo exhibition at English Link

February 2022 Escher at Genoa

January 2022 : Film club debate

December 2021: Sicilian dinner

December 2021: Christmas parties

November2021: Hiking in the Apuan Alps

November 2021: Red Train Trip (cancelled)

October 2021: E-biking around La Spezia


Social Events


Social events and evenings are a great way for our members to celebrate English culture by coming together for conversation, fun and games. We are still organising various events, limiting the numbers to allow distancing. 

Events include talks, outings, walks and trips

Each social evening revolves around a designated English theme, contest, holiday, or culural concept! 


Past Events: Click here to check out our 

social evenings and  photo galleries!



Local English Festivals 


Whenever there is a local English festival going on near La Spezia, we like to invite members to go together and experience these great events celebrating English culture. 


To find more information and updates about local English festivals, shops, and events check this page! 


Clicca Local English Events/Shops



A Scottish Summer in Barga 
la festa di ” pesce e patate."

Our Events,  
... just a few of them

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