Upcoming for 2021

1) 11.00 January 5th 2021: Opinion essay seminar


2) January 25th : Burns Night Aperitivo

2) February 16th  Bookcrossing Night

Social Events


Social events and evenings are a great way for our members to celebrate English culture by coming together for conversation, fun and games.

Events include talks, outings, walks and trips

Each social evening revolves around a designated English theme, contest, holiday, or culural concept! 


Past Events: Click here to check out our 

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Local English Festivals 


Whenever there is a local English festival going on near La Spezia, we like to invite members to go together and experience these great events celebrating English culture. 


To find more information and updates about local English festivals, shops, and events check this page! 


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A Scottish Summer in Barga 
la festa di ” pesce e patate."

Our Events,  
... just a few of them



There were just a few of us but we swapped a lot of great ideas about why we read, and what to read. The results were astonishing! stories from the past, and lessons for the present and the future. A list of recommendations will be available at EL. And we hope you will help us to get to our target of 100 reasons to read! 

26th February 2019

Scavenger Hunt

Una corsa contro il tempo: compiendo missioni, risolvendo indovinelli, sfruttando tutte le risorse che avete, nella testa e nelle borse! Per tutti i livelli. 

28th January 2019

Scout Badge Night

Per soci di tutti i livelli. Come squadra dovete vincere più badge possibili; la diversità fa la forza!


Christmas Parties

We played games, sang songs and had a great time warming up for Christmas

19th and 22nd November

Around the World

We all did battle in quizzes that challenged our knowledge of world culture. The results were hilarious!


Pub Night!

Much drinking and singing in Belfast, and Galway, and Sligo!

17/05 and 22/05 2018

Stage Fright Night

Theatre workshop for even the shyest and most tongue-tied of our adult members. 
Pre intermediate level on the 17th, 
Intermediate and above on the 22nd

Bring food and drink for the buffet supper!!!


Las Vegas Night 22/02/2018

Having fun? You bet!

22/01 and 25/01/2018

Escape Room

When the going gets tough, the tough need the brainy

26th November 2017

That's America

Avoid the food queues next time!

30/10 and 02/11/2017

It's a Knockout!

Fun and Games for adults : Pre-intermediate level evening on the 30/10, intermediate levels and above on the 02/11

23/27 February 2017

Social Evening

Oscars' Night!

10 November 2016 20:30-22:30

Autumnn Dinner at Cantina Boriassi

A menu of locally sourced food and wine in the Tuscan hills 

11 October 2016 20:30-22:30

USA today

There's been a lot going on across the pond recently....

26 June 2016

Excursion to Campo Cecina

30 May 2016

Battle of the Sexes

Girls against Boys, no holds barred!

22 April - 26 April 2016

Adults Trip to The Lake District

Adult Member trip to The Lake District, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

25 January - 28 January

Teenagers Trip to London/Oxford

Check the Teenagers Trip Page for more information!

18 December

Christmas Aperitif

Christmas Aperitif from 18:30-20:00. Let's enjoy a drink and cheers to Christmas!

11-13 December

Adult Trip to Innsbruck, Austria

Adult Membership trip to Innsbruck, Austria to visit the Christmas markets! 

24 November 20:30

Thankgiving Feast

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