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World cup news! 

A post from Virginia Podestà

So,.....we were clearly disappointed with the result on Wednesday, ........but, as my boyfriend was scrolling through the posts on social media in the hours that followed The Lions’ defeat to Croatia (Ouch!) he kept me awake asking me for translations of all the football jargon. So, I thought I should compile a little glossary to help us cheer The Lions through to the match for the third and fourth place play-off. There is a medal to be won!

Phrases we’ve heard a lot recently: 

It’s coming home!–obviously a little over-optimistic, but the idea of the World Cup returning to the “home” of the beautiful game inspired all the English fans

The Summer of Love– with England experiencing an unusually hot and dry June and July, the World Cup experience has united many and created new followers for a National team that hasn’t had much to offer for a number of years. 

What a terrific shot!!!!! 

Well played / they did us proud / with their heads held high– the press were appreciative (mostly)

Absolutely gutted– this was the phrase that Ashley Young chose to describe his feelings after the end of the dream, literally it means you feel like someone has removed your intestines. 

A massive achievement – to get this far in the tournament, with such an inexperienced team was a testimony to the players’ hard work and the inspiring leadership of the man in the waistcoat, Gareth Southgate


       The three words chosen by fans to describe the team“…Young, Diverse, Inspiring”


English Italian mini glossary for footie fans

Trainer/manager/ the gaffer(slang) – l’allenatore 
Supporters/ the crowd – i tifosi (letteralmente sostenitori)
Referee/ the ref – arbitro
Kick-off – il calcio d’inizio
Half time – meta tempo
Knock-out – fase eliminatoria
Quarter-final – quarto di finale
Semi-final – semi finale 
Play-off – finale per il terzo posto
The team/the squad – la squadra
Injury time/Stoppage time – tempo di recupero
The half-time whistle – il fischio del finale del primo tempo
Extra-time – i supplementary
Substitution – sostituzione di giocatore in campo
Training session – allenamento
Defender – difensore  Forward – attaccante  Mid-fielder – centrocampista
Free kick – calcio di punizione
Penalties – i calci di rigore
Off-side – fuori gioco
A Foul – fallo 
A save – una parata
To score – segnare
A header – colpo di testa
A shot – un tiro
Goalkeeper/ goalie – portiere
The team-sheet – la lista dei giocatori in campo ed in panchina
The line-up – la formazione che scende in campo per la partita
A cap – un’entrata in campo, anche se breve, giocando per la nazionale 
Footie mouth – linguaggio composto di parolacce che ti viene quando la tua squadra sta perdendo


Final Message (from the England World Cup Football  team) 

To everyone who supported us.

To everyone who believed this time was different.

To everyone who wasn't afraid to dream.

To everyone who knows this is only the beginning.

Thank you. We hope we made you proud.               
 #threelions⁠ ⁠

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