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Member: Silvia Tavani

"English Link is not a common English school, but it’s a big and amazing family!

At English Link you don’t find only a school to improve your English language, but a place where to breathe American and English atmosphere and culture. And every week I’m very happy to spend my time with them, practicing English.

English and American Mother tongue teachers are very special:  their care and perseverance with Italian pupils is enormous. They support you for exams and special needs.

Their teaching approach is very effective and more useful than other English schools. Not only lessons, but also games, monthly social events, movies to talk about together, special dinners and a lot of opportunities to practice your English language, meeting new and exiting people.

English link has changed my way to study English and in the end I recommend it without doubt."


Member: Bera Vogli

I had a great experience at English Link. English Link has excellent teachers and a friendly, multicultural environment. I have made good friends. My teacher is exceptionally good. I always enjoyed her class. She explains everything with examples. She engages everyone in the class. The last activity done together was going at the Nick Cave concert, that was unforgettable. Thank you for guiding and inspiring me. I absolutely recommend it for new students.

Member: Matteo Garzetti

Hi eveybody, I have been studying English at EL for 3 years and I can say that I have improved my English very much. The teachers are mothertongue and they are very professional, kind and helpful, so it is impossible to not enjoy your experience at EL. If you want to learn English and have a good time doing it, I definitely suggest you attend the course.

Member: Giovanna Menini

English Link is a great cultural centre, where you learn, have fun and make new friends. The teachers are very professional and friendly. They organise interesting lessons, nice trips and fun social evenngs! I started attending E.L to improve my English, because my daughter lives in London........ and now I think I'll never stop.

Member: Giulio

Hi all, my name is Giulio and I attend the English courses at English Link.

When I started, a few years ago, I didn’t speak English at all, having studied French at school.

I decided to learn English because I was sick, in my travels abroad, to not understand anything, to restrict myself to indicate with my finger hoping to be able to make myself understood, to order dishes at the restaurant and find myself eating strange things…

Now, instead, I can say that I have overcome this difficulty and I can fully enjoy my journey.

Just as much pleasure I get from the weekly meetings at English Link, during which – among videos, games and lessons – you always learn something new.

I am also an assiduous regular to social gatherings and pizza & film forum evenings, very entertaining and informative.

A sincere advice: come, try and learn. See you soon

Member: Antonella Nico

Hi, I was looking for an English course the would give me the opportunity to learn English  but  at the same time not too formal. English Link is all this, with Erica recently known, with Carolyn my unforgettable room-mate in New York  and with my super teacher Kathryn. Thanks to all.  I love  you.


Member since 2015: Antonella Stratta

Ciao, ho iniziato a studiare inglese per necessità, in quanto mia figlia si è transferita a Londra. Mi sono sentita subito a mio agio. Ho trovato un ambiente amichevole, sereno. Le "teachers" sono preperate, innovative, simpatiche. Sanno unire lo studio al divertimento. Inoltre, con viaggi e serate insieme ai vari gruppi, ho conosciuto molte persone con le quali sono in contatto. I'M REALLY HAPPY!!!

Member since 2016: Sandra Berettieri

Ciao! Frequento EL da due anni, ho trovato un ambiente accogliente e familiare dove posso imparare inglese e trascorrere del tempo con dei compagni molto simpatici!!!


Member: Francesca Colli

Chi trova l’English Link trova un TESORO  

Qui all’English Link non si impara solo l’inglese, ma si condividono esperienze e si fanno nuove amicizie, qui l’età non conta e siamo tutti uguali, qui all’English Link ci si diverte, si ride, si studia, si va in vacanza, si impara, si mangia …. e anche bene direi 😊

L’English Link è un RIFUGIO dove si passano assieme momenti indimenticabili, ore di lezione, serate sociali con giochi e sano divertimento!

Sembra quasi impossibile studiare e divertirsi allo stesso tempo, ma tutto questo credetemi è possibile, grazie soprattutto alle più belle e preparate insegnanti mai viste; a scuola se le sognavano delle professoresse così … e forse se le sognano ancora 😊… ci fanno ritornare un po’ bambini, tra i banchi di scuola confrontandoci e condividendo con gli altri quello che sappiamo …. o non sappiamo 😊

Qui all’English Link sparisce la quotidianità, la noia, la malinconia, la fretta di tutti i giorni, e nasce lo studio, l’impegno, il divertimento e la voglia di stare assieme!

Grazie English Link

Member since 2009: Barbara Mazza

La miglior associazione culturale che abbia mai conosciuto. Teachers preparatissime ed eccezionali dal punto di vista umano, sociale . Quando sei lì ti senti a casa, riescono ad instaurare un rapporto amichevole tra i frequentatori . Lezioni rilassanti ed interessanti.

Member: Filippo Manfroni 

''Come and join EL!''

Are you tired of boring grammar lessons about phrasal verbs and present perfect?

Are you keen on languages? Then, why don't you become member of English Link? Just try, and you won't regret. You'll probably agree with me that nowadays people are supposed to know English: it is present in everyday life, even when we hang out listening to music.


There are a number of reasons why I would recommend this club to you. The cost is cheap, and an initial test addresses you to the most appropriate course for your level. As a member, you can use lots of books and movies to improve your listening and writing skills. In addition, special social evenings and trips abroad are periodically organized to gather members together.


The teachers are by far the best I have ever known: two of them are British, and one is American. They're so experienced that I can't think of any other english lesson that is as entertaining as theirs. For this reason, this is the ideal place both for young teenagers and adults.

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