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Boston 2019

 It was an incredible holiday, we stayed 6 days in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, one of the oldest cities in the U.S.A. We spent a fun day in Salem, scary scary. A full day immersed in the colours of Fall in New Hampshire and a wonderful day checking out famous lighthouses in Portland, Maine. Unforgettable

Boston 17-10-2019 at 11.09.15 9.jpeg
Boston 17-10-2019 at 11.09.15 18.jpeg
Boston 201917-10-2019 at 11.39.19 4.jpeg
New Hampshire17-10-2019 at 11.24.56

Salem, New Hampshire & Portland

Harvard17-10-2019 at 11.40.20 4.jpeg
Portland17-10-2019 at 11.35.09 15.jpeg
Salem17-10-2019 at 11.12.15 25.jpeg
Portland 217-10-2019 at 11.37.49 2.jpeg
New Hampshire17-10-2019 at 11.24.56 34.j
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